Green Coffee Beans

What it is?

Green coffee beans are a natural weight reducing formula, dosed with green coffee beans extract. It Consist of 65% CHLOROGENIC ACID which is the key ingredient of managing weight. CHLOROGENIC ACID has been clinically proven to slow the release of sugar into the blood stream while simultaneously increasing your metabolism and burning fat in the liver. Over 4 weeks participants lost an average of 8 kgs by taking green coffee bean extract twice a day. Daily exercise and a particular diet is not mandatory to follow. Green Coffee Beans is 100% herbal and natural and there are no side effects for the same. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases.

How to prepare?

you have to take 1 table spoon of green coffee beans(approx. 5gms), then you have to boil it in water (300ml) 10-12 minutes, so the active ingredient chloroganic acid comes out, then you have to filter it and then you can consume it as lukewarm. You can also add honey and lemon according to your taste (if required).

When to consume?

You have to consume it twice a day, first in the morning (half an hour before the breakfast) and 2nd in the night (half an hour before the dinner).

Benefits of Green Coffee Beans: